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개인적으로 Torch를 주력으로 사용하려합니다. 필요할 때마다 빠르게 검색하기 위해 모아놓은 것들을 wiki 처럼 공유합니다.

Official Homepage

  • Installation is easy.


Very useful

15 min Lua

Torch Video Tutorials

Bayarea DL summmer


ref when needed




Useful Libraries


  • torchnet is a framework for torch which provides a set of abstractions aiming at encouraging code re-use as well as encouraging modular programming.
    At the moment, torchnet provides four set of important classes:
    Dataset: handling and pre-processing data in various ways.
    Engine: training/testing machine learning algorithm.
    Meter: meter performance or any other quantity.
    Log: output performance or any other string to file / disk in a consistent manner.
    For an overview of the torchnet framework, please also refer to this paper.

Facebook : lua library

  • Includes debugger (very useful)

Deepmind : Cephes Mathematical Funcions Library

  • Provides and wraps the mathematical functions from the Cephes mathematical library, developed by Stephen L. Moshier. This C library provides a lot of mathematical functions. It is used, among many other places, at the heart of SciPy.

Twitter Autograd

  • compute gradient automatically
  • similar to tensorflow, theano auto differentiation.
  • Useful to design very wierd architectures.
  • ref: Bayarea DL summmer
grad = require 'autograd'
grad.optimize(true) -- global
local df = grad(f, { optimize = true }) -- for this function only
local grads = df(params)


OptNet - reducing memory usage in torch neural networks

  • reduce memory



Neural Network Package

This package provides an easy and modular way to build and train simple or complex neural networks using Torch: